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Boldrocchi: A Century of Quality
My grandfather started Boldrocchi in 1909 as a fan company.
Over a hundred years later, Boldrocchi Group has become a world-renowned engineering, manufacturing and service firm with products in over 140 countries and offices in eight, including our headquarters near Milan, Italy.
It is among the few companies in the world that offer a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions that includes fans, blowers & compressors, air pollution control & environmental solutions, heat exchangers & coolers, gas turbine systems & noise protection and heavy-duty process dampers, among other equipment.
At Boldrocchi, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking experts and tailor-making each solution for every client. We put quality first.
Quality when it comes to our technical advice, engineering solutions, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning and service.
We want the Boldrocchi name – my family name – to remain synonymous with the highest quality products, solutions and service.
Massimo Boldrocchi
Why Boldrocchi
Since its inception in 1909, Boldrocchi has continued to seek better solutions for its customers.
Boldrocchi hires the brightest engineers, as well as technical and manufacturing teams, in order to offer a wide range of excellently crafted products and systems to industries and power generators around the world.

Our worldwide installations:

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